About US

We at Cornerstone Christian Educational Ministries, NYC believe that Prayer is the pathway to the solution to every problem in the world. We offer help to people searching for answers with our love, compassion, and spiritual upliftment. Our primary goal is to show stressed people how they can get relief by creating a path of communication with the Almighty. We adhere to the teachings of the Bible and we make sure that every ritual and religious offering is as per the directions of the Bible. We have a team of passionate and diligent volunteers who are ever ready to contribute to the spiritual needs of our society, unconditionally.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of All, went through immeasurable pain and sufferings for the betterment of humanity. Jesus Christ spread the message of the strength of love, brotherhood, and compassion. We as a vibrant Christian organization in New York aim to spread his teachings to every corner of the Earth. We are focused on emboldening and inspiring more youths (and the young at heart) to join our mission and take the message wide and far. We are associated with international Christian ministries while strictly adhering to the rules of the Bible.

At Cornerstone Christian Educational Ministries in Brooklyn, NYC, we offer a wide variety of nondenominational, religious and educational services such as Marriage Officiant, Family Counselors, Christian Educational Ministries, Child Counselors, and many more. For services related to the original Christian teaching or rituals, please contact us. Let's recreate hope in a world that has lost its focus, with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.