Wedding Officiant New York

Wedding Officiant

The wedding is a special day in a person's life. It is an event that you and your families will remember forever. So, choosing the right wedding officiant is one of the most important decisions you'll make during the planning process of your wedding. Our wedding officiant thoroughly works with each couple and focuses on creating a fully customized ceremony that celebrates a unique relationship. Over the years, our friendly, professional non-denominational minister has performed numerous wedding ceremonies and has helped couples and their families to create a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

Family Counselors New York

Family Counselors

Our family counselors can walk the path with you to guide you through a variety of life's challenges. The primary aim of our counselors is to direct you towards emotional and spiritual wholeness. There is nothing wrong with being unsure of the exact nature of your life's struggle. You may be clueless in different stages of your life. Our counselors will offer their aid to navigating through life transitions and particular areas, identify the core issues you face and direct you towards the path of healing and recovery.

Child Counselors New York

Child Counselors

We believe it is as important to heal the wounds of the heart as it is the physical injuries. Children learn at an early age to reshape how they think and choose to act, while they cope with life's challenges. Our skilled counselors are prepared to assist children, their parents and families to face obstacles. Such barriers usually hinder them from reaching the full potential that God has created in them. We operate with sensitivity and compassionate understanding regarding the vulnerability of your child. We diligently aim to gain the trust of children through creative relationship building.

Bible Churches New York

Bible Churches

We are a Bible church that adheres to the teachings of the Bible as our standard of faith and practice. With the assistance of our skilled and experienced staff, our ministers perform every ritual instructed in the Bible with diligent care. We follow the instructions of the Bible to perform various religious rites and ceremonies such as baptism, burial, Holy Communion and Dedication of babies.

Christian Organization New York

Christian Organization

We believe that It is our duty to carry the mission of Lord Jesus Christ around the world. We carry out our mission with love, compassion, and commitment for the benefit of humanity. We also make efforts to introduce children to the path of spreading the mission from a very young age. Our sheer goal is to bring joy to the human race by guiding them to follow the path of Lord Jesus Christ.